US Address Verification API

Using a US address verification API can help you standardize addresses to USPS standards. This helps you save money and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, it can help improve your delivery success rate and increase customer retention.

The USPS API is free to use. It provides access to 160 million US postal delivery points. Its website also provides address validation services. If an address is not valid, the USPS will attempt to correct it. However, the system has poor documentation, chronic downtime, and poor reliability.

The USPS RDI (Real-Delivery-Information) is used to identify residential addresses. It can also identify business addresses. It is available in Proper Case format, which allows automatic bar code scanning. It also provides latitude & longitude information. It can also sort mail by carrier case sequence.

The USPS addresses API also offers a City/State Lookup API. It can search up to five lookups in one request. It can return the city and state corresponding to a given ZIP Code. It can also provide the correct 5-digit Zip Code.

Aside from using the USPS RDI, there are also third party companies that provide augmented data through APIs. These companies combine USPS data with supplemental information to create address validation software. They also enable you to use the USPS database in a less restrictive way.

The address validation API can also be used to check the accuracy of addresses that are already registered. This will help you eliminate expensive complications caused by incorrect address inputs.


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